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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The talk........

My daughter brought home a permission slip home for that class we all giggled through and said *EWWWWWW* when it was all said and done. I felt I should talk to her about it before the class so it wouldn't have such an *ewwwww* factor coming from the school nurse. So I signed the paper, made a mental (should always write things down) note of the day and gave it back to her.
Friday I asked her when it was and she informed me that she had already had the class.
WHAT? I just failed as mom right there in middle of the toy department at Target. I decided theres no time like the present. I asked her if she had any question. She didn't. So asked her if he understood what a period was and what to do when she gets her first. I was lookig really calm and we were having a great conversation but let me tell you, I was a mess on the inside. Not because it's hard to talk about or I don't want her to know the details. I was freaking out because my first born baby is old enough for this talk. Time has flown by me. Shes blossoming into a very well mannered beautiful young lady. Right before my eyes.
After all was said and done I thought, hmmmm, wonder if she will always think her mom is a freak because we had the talk at Target in the toy department???

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