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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ramble this Ramble that

I am an official cyberspace idoit. My head is in a fog today. I can't stop thinking about my friend. I am wondering how she's going to cope. Why her AGAIN? God is not that cruel, is he? I keep hoping it's a cruel joke, someone hacked her blog, something, anything other then this being the truth. I had nightmares last night. It's been a long time since something affected me so deeply that I had nightmares.
So back to the idiot that I am. I can't even follow simple directions to set up my server for my new website. I am really hoping that it's my foggy head causing the idiot in me to shine awfully bright today. i also have a feeling that I may have done a no-no when trying to do what sounds like a simple copy/paste and click job. Hopefully if I did screw up it's an easy fix screw up. Maybe if I bat my eyelashes at Mr. Fun he'll help me out tonight.
**UPDATE** I did it! I screwed my head on right side up and centered!! I figured it out and once I did it was a very *DUUUHHH* moment for me.

I have my first non family, non friend shoot on Saturday at nine am. I am so sick about it. My nerves are a mess. Thinking about it leaves me queasy and wanting to back out.
Please let the sun be my friend.

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