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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Life is so unfair.......

I have a friend that is hurting, hurting more than I can imagine. More than life should allow. Why does God let these things happen? Why must one family endure so much pain in such a short time. I want to reach out to her, I want to take her pain away.
Makes me wonder why I am so blessed, why do I deserve four healthy children? Why must others suffer from such pain?
I am heart broken, my heart aches so badly for her. I want to hug her and make the pain go away. I want to make it right for her and her family. I know I can't but man what I would give to make this right. To rewind time and erase the pain that she has had to endure.
All I can do is pray for her, her husband and little boy that was robbed of being a big brother to two little brothers in less than a year.

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