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Monday, May 29, 2006

Our street gets better.......

Noticed new nieghbors moving in over the weekend. Last night while we were out playing the Grandparents drove by and told the kids to go say hello if they wanted. So our kids wandered down. Turns out theres two girls. JJ is so excited, shes no longer the only girl in her age range on this street. She was doing the happy dance. After meeting the girls, not so sure they'll mesh very well though. These girls are very much tom boys and JJ is very much a girly girl. She does dance, they play softball. JJ prefers a dress, they don't wear dresses. I am happy there are more kids on the block for sure. Maybe it will chase the grumpy old people on ;-) Speaking of one grumpy old couple, this new family moved right across from them. They have a basketball hoop and I see the nieghborhood kids that this grumpy old couple tries very hard to avoid all down there playing lots of basketball.
I hope i'm not old and grumpy.

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