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Monday, June 27, 2005

Got a call from an old friend..

A little history. J (my husband) was promised a transfer from his employer, he never got it because his boss is a lazy,kiss ass, blame somebody else kind of boss. We moved here in June 2004, he asked to be transfered in April 2003. We bought our house in January 2004 and were told that it wasn't a problem, he would be out here (Phoenix) within 6 months,this is when we would be moving. 6 months comes and he is told that the store is hurting and they want him to just to get through back to school. FINE!! we can do the 3 months of commuting and what not. So September is over and still no word on his transfer. I am 4-5 months pregnant with three kids, a new house, a new state, 500 miles away from any family including J.
One short(they were all short because J's boss wouldn't give him two days off in a row like she promised) visit in OCtober, J snapped. He couldn't take leaving one more time. Took a leave of abcense due to my highrisk pregnancy. It was approved for 6 weeks. Not two weeks later he had another job. Just 5 miles from home. it felt so good knowing that J would not have to leave again and i wouldn't have to spend another night falling asleep by myself.
So a friend calls that ran into his boss. She kept asking where he works now and wanting to know why he didn't come back. Can you pick up a phone and call,stupid!! He kept telling her that all that matters is that J is doing very well and so are the kids and wife(not that she asked about us tho). I guess he kept trying to change the subject but she kept asking about J and where he is working and why he didn't come back. She is so stupid, why do you think he didn't come back?? He has a wife and 4 children that he loves........HELLO?? are you that self absorbed?
So the whole point to this story, if you got this far, is I feel satisfation!! Knowing she is wondering about him and wanting to know why he didn't come back to the store. I also love the fact that she hasn't a clue to where he is working, i hope she never finds out.

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