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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AWW, the memories....

You know an old song comes on the radio and you have this flashback of feelings of a certian time in your life. I was searching my music library on itunes and ran across Tim Mcgraw~Set This Circus Down And i realized its been a good year since i listened to it. WOW!! My stomach got all flutterly and so many memories starting running through my head.
See, this is the concert that i had front row center seats!!! Kenny was opening for Tim!! Kenny sang right to me and Tim gave me his budlight. Oh i wish i could relive that night, so much fun. I could kick myself for not waiting around to see if Tim would sign the bottle.
Whats funny is that was my first and last beer i ever drank. I don't like beer and wasn't going to drink it. I was standing there in shock untill the girl next to me yelled that i had to drink it. YUM, it was actually refreshing. See peer pressure came late in life for me,lol.

And theres a walk down memory lane......can't wait to get back to going out sans kids. Its been 6 months since i had a date with J. Thats a long time for us.

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