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Friday, July 15, 2005

This is for Jason

Blog name = Mrs Fun

# piercings = 2, one in each ear. do want to pierce my eyebrow very badly.

# tattoos = one and going to get another one once baby is weaned

height = 5'4"

hair color = blonde

siblings = depends on what you consider a sibling

children = 4

How old do you look = lets just say i don't get carded anymore :(

How old do you act = not my age

How old do you feel = 21

Do you have any pets = does a hermit crab count?


movie you rented = The Notebook

movie you bought = can't remember, think it was The Village via J's request

song you listened to = something by Jack Johnson

song that was stuck in your head = don't have one

cd you bought = Kenny Chesneys latest

tv show you've watched = Giants at Dodger


you have a secret crush = its not a secret, i married him

you wish you could live somewhere else = no on most days

you think about suicide = no

you believe in online dating = hey, whatever gets your goat.

others find you attractive = not sure, never asked them.

you like cleaning = if i am cranky or upset

you like roller coasters = yes, love them


long distance relationships = Against.

using someone = Against.

smoking = Against. its just going to kill you or your loved ones

Death penalty = can't say one way or the other.


ever lied to someone? = yes

ever been in a fist fight? = don't think so

ever passed out on a street from drinking too much? = no

ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? = No

ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = depends on how you define cheating???

ever cheated on a test? = yes


shoes do you wear most = flip flops

are you scared of = bugs,insects, the dark

do you want to be when you grow up = Haven't given it much thought, hmm don't plan on growing up *wink*

is your least favorite chore to do = cleaning the toliet

makes you the happiest = J,kids, family, working out

upsets you the most = immigration, racism and kids not listening to me!!

always makes you smile = My kids


of times I have been in love = true in love, once

of hearts I have broken = I know of just one, my ex-fiance

of people I can trust with my life with = i think 6, may be more.

of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = never

of scars on my body = none

of things in my past that I regret = no regrets. I am who i am because of my past.

of times I told people I loved them today = at least 5


pretty = no

funny = i can be

friendly = yes

amusing = only when i am making a fool of myself

ugly = no

loveable = yes

caring = yes

sweet = if i want to be

sensative = sometimes.

a putz = never

mean = the truth hurts


6 letter word = coffee

Candy = dark chocolate

Cartoon = can't say i have one

Cereal = kashi go lean or the one with flaxseed in it (escapes my mind right now)

Color = burgandy

Day of week = whatever day J has off

Season = spring

Movie = The Notebook was Field of Dreams

Book = The Left Behind Series

TV Channel = HGTV or TLC


Slept in your bed with you = J,Wy,G, and T

Saw you cry = J

Made you cry = mom

Yelled at you = nobody since yrs ago, i guess my mom oh no wait my ex.

Smiled at you = T

Kissed you = J (of course)


Gone out in public in your pajamas = does walking JJ to school count?

Kept a secret from everyone = yes

Wished you were the opposite sex = hell no

Stolen someones newspaper = when i was a teenager,yes.

Borrowed something never meaning to return it = no

Had sex with some one of the same sex = no


Do you believe in love at first sight = yes and no

Most important quality to you in a relationship is = trust, i suppose.

Who loves you most = yikes, my kids, my mom, J


Do you speak any other languages = no

Last flavor you tasted = coffee

Last noise you heard = Wy asking for milk

Last smell you sniffed = T's hair, oh love teh baby smell

Last meal you ate = bagel and grapes

Last beautiful thing you saw = my children

Last emotion you felt = joy

Favorite item in your home = console table

Worst feeling in the world = being heart broken


I Love ... my life

I Miss ... my mom

I Wish ... everyone would follow us here

I Hope ... my kids grow up to be respectful adults

I Want ... a suburban

I am ... easy going

I need ... to get back to the gym

I'd rather die than lick ... a piece of poo

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