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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go to bed already

I hate that i just can't go to bed at a decent hour. Everyone is asleep,dreaming and here i sit surfing the net. I have a 2 hour drive tomorrow to Tuscon to visit a friend and her new 5 wk old baby. I need to get to sleep but here I sit. Jamie, i know you feel my pain.
Oh and today was the last day of dance for JJ, those 8 classes went by way too fast, Hard to believe the summer session is over already.
My dad called twice while we were in CA. Man, i need to call him but everytime i think about it its either too late or too early in the day. I have a feeling my step sister Trudy(we weren't close but i do remember her from when i was little, thats a whole other post tho) might have passed away. Oh i think thats why my brain is shutting that phone call out of my head.
J's dad also called and last i heard they moved his grandma home from the hospital so she could pass at home. He hasn't called him back either.
Well, don't want to end the night on such sad thoughts so i will end it with the thought that I get to hold a new baby again tomorrow. I can't wait. And i am sure i will be posting a pic of sweet baby girl.

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