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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Off to see the family and friends

We will be leaving for San Diego(home) early tomorrow. The earlier the better.
So just a quick note to say i may post, i may not. Most likely will but who knows. Heck we didn't even make up our minds about this trip untill 6pm tonight. Heaven forbid we plan something in advance. Everyone is sleeping and i have packing,loading the car and rearranging seats in the van to do. So i am off.

Thank you for the compliments on T's pictures. I did take them :) I was trying to get him chewing on his thumb,its the cutest. But he wanted nothing to do with his thumb so i went with it.

Oh and when you try on a new pair of size 6 jeans that your husband bought for you even though you told him size 8 and he tells you look HOT, don't laugh. Not a good idea. I laughed, don't laugh.
And on side note..I fit into a size 6 again. *happy dance*

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