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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What gets me fired up

I was chatting with a friend and i realized that theres quite a few things that can get my "easy going,go with the flow" self fired up.
1~Immagration issues(don't even get me started)
2~Carseat safety (keep your kids buckled up properly)
3~Breastfeeding in public ( I refuse to go out of way to feed my child because you might be uncomfortable with the fact that my child gets milk from my breast)
4~Comments about how full my hands are and blessing my heart(my heart doesn't need your blessing as you can see its already full of love and blessings)
5~Parents that don't discipline their children (UGH, kids cry, get over it)
6~Those that think its okay to stand with signs against abortion with distasteful pictures larger than life outside a place children are present. (hello?? my 4 y/o doesn't need to know about that stuff)
7~Telemarketers that call at 8:58PM and when i tell them its 9PM and i have children sleep... they cut me off to tell me its 2 minutes before 9 so its okay that they call and wake up my children.I don't care if its their job, don't call me at 8:58 and expect me to not complain.

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