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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Do i feel bad or what?

So G says to me out of the blue yesterday~
"I wanted to collect cans to get money for kids that don't have houses and you wouldn't let me, *insert very shocked,jaw dropping expression from me*you threw all my cans in the recycle, i wanted to keep them for the kids that don't have houses. Why won't you let me keep the cans?"
So i explained that i had no idea thats what he was collecting them for. I just thought he was collecting them like the other kids things, for pleasure. We have a rock collection,a can tab collection, a baseball card collection, a bottle cap collection, a gum wrapper collection and so on.
These things are just clutter in my mind and i throw them out whenever given the chance. The kids don't miss them. That was untill yesterday.
G will be starting a can collection for the kids that don't have houses. Not sure how he came about this or why but i think it says a lot about his character. Hes such a sweetie with a big heart.

I guess we'll be going to CA in 6 days. G announced to his coach today after the game that he wouldn't be here for the next game because hes going to CA in 6 days *insert very confused mom looking around for answers as people were throwing questions her way about the trip*. I didn't even know it was in 6 days or that we were for sure going. J mentioned it beacuse he has 2 vacations coming up. G took it upon himself to finalize it , funny kid. I think he misses his grandparents and uncle Z.

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