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Friday, July 01, 2005

No Son, you CAN'T play xbox

Its 4AM for crying out loud. I had the pleasure of being awake at 4 this morning with two of my children. T was just awake, couldn't get him to nurse,hes smart like that he knew he'd get sleepy. Wy woke up and says "can i play xbox?" HELLO!! its still dark outside, get your tiny butt to bed. "But T's awake so i want to play xbox, can I?"HOLY HELL child. So after much explaining, a 10 minute tantrum and a glass of milk he fell back to sleep.
I think xbox is like a drug. If i let them play it at all, even 20 minutes a day ,thats all they want to do. I could say no to cartoons and they are fine with it. Say no to xbox and you would think the world was going to end.
So i started thinking what if someone told me i couldn't get on the internet. Would i freak out, throw myself on the floor and scream? Inside yes, i probably would because its my outlet, my adult interaction.
The boys are playing xbox right now..........................

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