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Friday, July 01, 2005

You know its time to do laundry when

1~You can't see the bathroom floor
2~Your 3 y/o is running around naked yelling Wheres all my underwear?
3~You go to get one of your 30 hand towels and there isn't one
4~You don't have two pieces of clothing that go together
5~Your husband asks if you have a secret sock stash
6~You can't find a clean bra, not even your "its laundry day" bra.
7~Your daughter asks if its okay if she sleeps in her t-shirts because she doesn't any pj's in her drawer
8~You realize the new detergant you bought last week is still in the garage
9~your son doesn't want to go to bed because theres no sheets on it
10~Your pillowcase has drool stains on it*ewwww*

so i guess i should catch up on some laundry.

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