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Sunday, July 03, 2005

100 things about me or 45 things ;) okay 100

1~I am a natural blonde
2~But put highlights in my hair
3~I fell off a skateboard at the age of 7 and caused my tooth to turn brown
4~At age12 i woke up with half of it gone and now have a fake tooth
5~I have a tattoo on my foot and plan to get more
6~My husband and I don't fight,over 9 years and not one fight
7~I hate seafood
8~I will never own a pet that has hair
9~I didn't want 4 kids
10~Only planned one pregnancy, that was my 2nd.
11~I love to work out at the gym
12~I don't enjoy talking on the phone
13~rarely answer the phone and forget to call people back
14~I love coffee,its my favorite drink
15~Got pregnant on the pill and yes i took it at the same time everyday and never missed one.
16~I hate to clean
17~My brother died when he was 19, i was 14 and it was very hard time in my life.
18~ I feel guilty that i don't visit his grave often enough
19~I am a people watcher
20~We moved to Phoenix a yr ago (june 2004)
21~I traveled by myself from AZ to CA with 3 kids and pregnant about half a dozen times last summer.
22~I am afraid of moths and most bugs,spiders,insects
23~I used to scream out in my sleep and have really bad dreams nightly
24~I don't miss having 3 part time jobs
25~I love taking pictures of my kids and just recently startred to take pictures of other things (flowers,trees,etc..)
26~Love chocolate, dark chocolate being my favorite
27~Can't stand bbq sauce
28~favorite thing to eat is salads and mexican food
29~I have to be in the mood to enjoy cooking
30~a messy house puts me in a bad mood
31~used to be a morning person untill moving to AZ
32~I went 3 different highschools
33~I had a crush on my 9th grade english teacher,Mr. Benson
34~I didn't get my liscense untill i was 18
35~learned to drive in a 4 speed toyota truck that my mom had for so long,15 yrs i think. you could see the ground while driving before she got rid of it.
36~Didn't have my own car untill i was 23
37~I failed 11th grade goverment because i would ditch 6th period with Karen almost every day
38~I got an A when i retook it my senior year.
39~Never got asked to a dance my junior or senior year
40~I NEVER want to get pregnant again
41~My worst fear is dieing before my children have grown
42~I am not book smart and never enjoyed school
43~My first concert was INXS in the 7th grade
44~I want to learn to sew,wish i would of let my grandmateach me
45~I miss my grandma and know she would just adore my children

okay J is up and we are going to enjoy the patio before it gets too hot. i will have to finish later.

determined to finish.......
46~i hate to plan things
47~i am very spur of the moment
48~i went to a Love and Rockets concert with Larry Johnson my freshman yr
49~I only nursed 2 of my children
50~don't regret not nursing the other 2
51~I want to pierce my eyebrow
52~I married my soul mate
53~I don't get offended easily
54~I am very outspoken
55~I believe the truth hurts sometimes
56~I believe in karma
57~I hate clutter
58~My toenails are always painted
59~I've never had a professional massage
60~I dream of living in a loft smack in the middle of downtown San Diego when my kids are grown
61~I don't make the beds everyday or even once a week(they are just going to get messed up again)
62~My first love was Dave Scott
63~I love to read
64~I don't get the star wars craze
65~I roll my eyes at my kids because they live,breathe and eat star wars
66~My husband too ;)
67~My dad left us when i was 2
68~I grew up with a step dad i didn't really like but he was good to us.
69~In 8th grade i would sneak out and walk around in a box with my best friend.
70~when a car would pass we would drop down so nobody could see us
71~my mom knew about this and would watch us from my bedroom window
72~I often wonder about my childhood friends
73~the longest i went to one school was 3 yrs,3rd-5th
74~i am typing this one handed
75~concerts are my favorite thing to do
76~Margaritas are my alcohalic drink of choice
77~also enjoy a mikes hard lemonade
78~crown royal is a close 2nd
79~longest labor was 15 hrs
80~shorest was 2 hrs
81~I lived pretty much by myself in a 1 bedroom apt my junior year.
82~I drive over the speed limit
83~I want to lose 10lbs
84~don't need to lose it tho
85~I would love to meet Oprah
86~I have no desire to travel out of the US
87~I had gestational diabetes with all 4 pregnacies
88~I am very high risk for getting diabetes
89~I could have diabetes right now and not know it
90~My dad had skin cancer several times
91~I really want to go back to my childhood nieghborhoods to see what they have become
92~I don't enjoy war movies or violent movies
93~Love a great chick flick
94~I didn't attend my 10 yr reunion because J was out of town and it was on my birthday
95~I plan to attend the next one out of major curiousity
96~I love having 4 kids
97~I was engaged when I met J
98~Thankful J saved me from what would of been an unhappy marriage
99~I don't wear my original wedding ring
100~I am very content with my life right now

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