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Thursday, July 07, 2005

So where are my props?

As i mentioned earlier, J had an awesome day at work. Got lots of praise and compliments and was told to keep up with the great work and was even thanked from the DM.
So i was thinking.....Where are my props,praise,thank you's? I would like to think i am doing at least a good job with this mommy gig. My kids are clean, well mannered and chew with their mouths closed.
Wheres my yearly raise or pat on the back, my thank you's?
I guess thats the sacrifice you make when you take on the SAHM role.
Don't get me wrong, the hugs,i love yous and kisses are a great reward but hearing "hey Misti, thank you for raising great kids,keep up the great work heres a $500 shopping spree for all your hard work" would be nice :)

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