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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We rediscovered the sling today

T has been a very fussy baby the last couple of days. I could blame it on his gums being swollen or something i ate but i think hes just becoming a mamas boy. I really needed to get all that laundry piled up on my dresser put away. So i saw the sling out of the corner of my eye and thought Oh,lets try that again. its been a few months Sure enough he loved it, i had two hands,got all the laundry put away and had a sleeping baby.

did you hear that? ALL THE LAUNDRY IS PUT AWAY!!! and CLEAN!!! EMPTY hampers!!!
Come on... Do the happy dance with me!!
J came home from work in such an awesome mood. Haven't seen him this happy about work in such a long time. He nailed the visit today and at the meetings his name is coming up more and more often. GO J!!!!
Making this career move was the best thing he could of done. We took a risk and its paid off already. Just seeing him happy about work and loving what he does again makes it all worth it.

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