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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A lost child

A week before daddy kisses Wy goodbye and says "stay close to mom today" Mom opens one eye and demands to know why he should stay close. Dad tells mom he had a dream that he was lost and we couldn't find him.
Today the family went to Lego Land with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Z.
Everyone is having a great day. The 9 of us are walking down a path,laughing,talking and having a great time.
Mom looks around and realizes Wy is nowhere in sight. Mom yells out "where's Wyatt?" everyone looks around. Mom goes running back up the hill yelling"WYATT,WYATT" tears sting her eyes, fear filling her body. Stops to ask one person if they've seen a boy wearing a blue shirt and camo shorts. He answers no and mom continues up the hill screaming. She comes around the corner to see Wy standing there with three security gaurds and a bunch of on lookers and she hears "there she is" her whole body consumed with emotions. She picked up her little boy, hugging him tight and teling him how sory she was for letting him get lost.
Dad was right behind mom this whole time but with a calmer sense about him. His dream he had last week had hiim going up a hill very similar to this and he knew Wy would be at the top safe.
Mom is still recovering and tears are still stinging her eyes at the thought of what could of happened.

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