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Monday, July 11, 2005


Where did it go and how can i find it? *yawn* *sips strong coffee*
Went to visit my mom yesterday and T didn't sleep much while there. By the time we left he was overtired and screamed untill daddy got him calmed down and JJ let him suck on boo (her benie baby elephant she got when she was 9 months). He fell asleep for the 50 minute drive back to the inlaws. No sooner did my head hit the pillow and "wah wah waaaaah" So we nurse and hes asleep. Sure enough I get an urge to pee. So up i get trying not to wake anyone else. I get settled back in bed and i am almost asleep. you know that state where you can hear everything but you are just seconds from dreamland.
"wah wah waaaaah" So i roll over,pat the butt and he quiets down again. I finally fall asleep. 2 hours later "wah wah waaaah" So we nurse again but he doesn't want to sleep, he wants to chew on his toes and scream with joy. OI!!!! So i lay there trying to drift off to sleep inbetween the sweetest noises ever heard at 2 in the morning.
"come on T,mom needs some sleep"
"baby laughter and a scream of delight"
"T,its 2 am, lets go night night,look the sun isn't up"
Finally he decides he wants nurse again and falls asleep. 2 more hrs of sleep and hes awake. Again, he just wants to play. So we are up for the day,its 4:30 and I am awake for the day. *yawn* *sipping strong coffee*
Now he is taking a nap and i am sitting here wishing i could join him *sips strong coffee* *yawn*

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