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Monday, July 25, 2005

Can you spell relief?

I have this sense of relief today. J went for his vasectomy. In some ways i don't believe it will work. I AM SO AFRAID OF GETTING PREGNANT AGAIN. Not that I couldn't do life with 5 kids, i just don't want to. Then theres my health issues and trust me, 4 highrisk pregnacies is enough. Not wanting to walk down that road ever again.
We only planned 1 of our children, the other 3,yes 3, just kind of happened. We are known as the fertile couple around our friends. If we look at eachother with the tiniest bit of "maybe just one more" in both our heads I get pregnant. So no more thinking. I am DONE!!
I did love being pregnant. The feel of this human life inside of you. Growing,kicking, becoming someone day by day. So exciting,such a blessing. From the first flutter to the last push is such an amazing journey. I wish every woman that wants to take the journey has the chance to.
I am not sad that that part of life is over and I am moving on. I thought I might be. But I am actually a bit excited at the thought of no more birth control and not stressing every month is that little visitor is on time.

Pictures of me at 37 wks pregnant with my last baby. I was induced one week later for sake of my health and his.

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