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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy half Birthday T(warning~sappy mommy post)

I can't believe how fast its going. I try to stop and take all of him in.I hold him while he sleeps, i sniff his head, kiss his cheeks, play with him and just enjoy those baby giggles.But its still going so fast.He is my last baby so every milestone is bittersweet to me. He got his first two teeth the other day, hes sitting up for 30-60 seconds at a time, hes all over the place (not crawling but scooting and rolling).
I am almost afriad to blink some days. Hes just growing so fast.
It seems like yesterday he was this blob that had his days and nights mixed up. Then he started to give you little smiles and tell you the cutest stories. He started to discover his hands and then his feet. Now hes 6 months. Hes a mamas boy, its a love hate thing with me. I just love that I am his favorite untill i feel myself needing that break. And speaking of break, T is 6 months and that means that he can go into the kidsclub at our gym.
I get to work out again. Of course i didn't call and schedule a work out for today but i think i'll call today for tomorrow.
I would also like to say Happy 6 months to Kari's baby girl

And I managed to capture a moment last night. I love this photo so i must share.

I still think the best moments are captured when nobody knows they are being captured ;)

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