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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rambling about my day...........

I started my day at The Childrens Place. JJ had a pair of shoes that broke and of course i had my receipt. (im married to a retail manager) So she took them back and then asked for my drivers liscense. UMM? i have a reciept you don't need my DL. Yes we do she proceeds to tell me and i cut her off as politely as i can and tell her i am not giving her my DL and she will complete the transaction without it. So with a great big attitude she calls her manager over who tries to tell me that without my DL they can't give me a refund. Do i look that stupid? I must!
I walked out with $10.87 refunded to my AMEX and my DL never left my wallet.
So then i am in Gymboree (huge sale going on and i should of stayed cleared) So i am looking at clothes and this toddler starts to cough a bit.
Mom(standing out sight from child))~ are you okay D
D~more coughing
Mom~oh D
Me~(in sight of the child)~ i think your son is choking
Mom~looks at me like i just offered her some crack
D~starts to throw up
Me~your son is throwing up
Mom~ continues to look at clothes
D~throws up some more
Me~i think your child needs you
Mom~rolling eyes and walks around to D, its okay and takes his clothes off. tells older child that they have to leave but still walks around the store for 10 minutes holding almost naked child.
Me~totally shocked and check out.
What the heck is wrong with this mother? You could hear his throw up splat on the floor.
And as i was walking out i heard her tell the clerk that he had a fever last night and has had snot build up. HELLO???
So if someone gets sick here in the huckleberry house remind me of today so i can find that woman and smack her.
Now i am in Claires and looking at the keychains near the piercing booth. The sales lady asks if i need help.
Me~what if i just needed one ear pierced, could i only buy one earring?
sales~i think so but let me double check
Me~its for him(pointing to T in my arms) so if i have to buy two its okay because he might lose one.
sales ~looking at me like i am on crack
oh that was fun, a little mean but fun.


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