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Friday, July 22, 2005


Lemonade, Lemonade!! Just like your Grandma made. You know you want it.
Lemonade, Lemonade!! Just like your Nana made. You know you want it.

We attended yet anoter ballgame tonight. There was this guy selling lemonade saying this over and over as loud as he could. I wasn't even thirsty and i wanted to buy some. I am kicking myself for not getting a pic of him. Its the first time hes come to our area. I am hoping he'll be there'll next time.

So has anyone talked you into buying something you really didn't want/need or have any use for?
I am curious because i *really* wanted a lemonade. Luckily he was sold out by the time he came back our way because they were $4.25 a piece. I guess thats where they get their money to cool The BOB (bank one ballpark). It cost them $1.3 million a year to cool the place.

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