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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The dentist

G hates the dentist.Long story short, he has a spacer from where he had a molar pulled. That took a lot of effort from our poor dentist(shes the best around) and a lot of patience from dad. They had to drug him which he spit out the meds. Finally got some in him, but he woke up too soon so they put him a papoose, he got out of it not once but twice. He bit the dentist and fought with all his might.
So today we went back for a cleaning. This is 6 months later and he says hes going to sit in the chair and be a good listener. I guess somewhere between home and the dentist chair he forgot about his plan. He kicked,screamed,yelled,hit and gagged. She got as much clean as she could. It just wears me out when i have to take him to the dr. or the dentist. I dread it. The dentist keeps telling me its okay but its not okay. In my mind my child acting like this is NOT okay. But 6 more months before we have to face the dentist again.
I just wish he would let them do their job without all the fighting. And I forgot to ask about the flouride varnish because of G's tantrum.

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