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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just rambling tonight.......

JJ and T had drs. appoinments. All is well with both of them. JJ finally hit 60lbs, shes so happy. She wants out of that booster. But shes got at least another year in it.
They wanted to do something called "flouride varnish" to T's two teeth that aren't even all the way through yet. I denied it because 1~i haven't heard of anything about it and 2~ just because the dr. says its the right choice doesn't mean it is. I will do some research on it and ask the dentist about it. Then i decide whether we do it or not.
The nurse got a bit huffy puffy that i didn't want to do it. Why does she care what i do with my children?

This evening I was feeling pulled in way too many directions. With J being down and out its all on me. I am not use to that. I even had to do baths tonight,don't remember the last time i had to do that when hes home. Dinner was on and T was screaming. Usually J would dish out plates and get my plate if needed. Not tonight. I had to do it all with a fussy baby in my arms. Wy wanted milk (like everyday all day long) G wanted mango for dinner (i don't think so) and JJ wanted help with dvd player and T wnated to nurse.
It was just one of those crazy moments that your head explodes in your imagination from sensory overload.
In the midst of all this I forgot G had his last basketball practice of the season. Coach called to make sure everything was okay. J had to explain that things were just a little crazy. I am happy we forgot or else i would of been caught in a crazy storm. It was coming down hard,lights flickering,satilite going out. Not something i want to have to run to the car through with 4 kids. Notto mention they would of got my new ride all wet!! *gasp* not ready for it to get abused. ;-)
I did manage to get a chance to snap a couple quick pics of the storm. These were taken from the back patio.

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