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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Last day of basketball

This concludes our summer activities. On to getting ready for school. Bedtime routines,backpack shopping,planning lunches (any tips on sending lunch to school with a very picky 5 year old would be appreciated)
And as i type this i just heard the school bell ring for the first time all summer. Maybe its a sign that i will enjoy the school year. I really don't want them to go back. I enjoy having my kids home all day. I miss them when they are gone.
I am not nervous or worried for JJ. I am so excited for her. She loves school,always has. Shes going to have a little extra going on this year. She is in the honors program and wants to join the chior. Should be lots of fun for her.
Its G i worry about. I worry about kids teasing him because of his glasses, i worry about him not eating his lunch because he gets frustrated easily if he can't get a package open. Hes also a slow eater. Always has been. I know that he says he wants to go to the *big* school with JJ and hes excited but he said the same thing about the dentist and you read how that went *rolleyes*.
So this brings me to the fact that we don't find out which teachers they get untill the Friday before school starts. This really irritates me. I am supposed to send my 5 year old to all day kindergarten(which i am against in so many ways) to a school hes never attended, with a teacher hes never met and kids hes never seen before.
Am I the only one that sees this as not an ideal situation? Last year JJ cried the 1st day of school. It was a brand new school with all new friends to make and a teacher she didn't meet untill then. Can you imagine how my 5 year old might react?
I know that everything could go smoothly and he will fit right in and love school from the beginning. I know my child and my guess is that hes not going to want us to leave him on that 1st day.

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