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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Got Ink?

I have been watching the reality show Inked on A&E. I am only on the 3rd episode out of 6 right now. Last night Mr. Fun came home and he had to turn it off because it gave him the itch to get another. I agree, it made my desire for another tattoo even stronger.
I have one, he has three. I always tell him it isn't fair because I have had my second tattoo picked out for several months. See the problem is you shouldn't get a tattoo while pregnant or nursing. The last time we went down to Tucson I was pregnant with T. So Mr. Fun recieved his third tattoo. And here I am with only one.
A few months back Mr. Fun was wanting to get his fourth but I reminded him that its my turn so he never did go. But a couple weeks later we made a deal. If he bought me a surburban then he could get as many as he wanted. See I can't get one untill I wean T, which is at least 7 months away. So here it is months later and I am driving a suburban(no freakung way). When I made this deal I truely didn't think I would ever get a suburban but I have one and do you know how many tattoos one could get in 7 months? Well, not too many since its a two hour drive for us. Its just eating away at me. I want that tattoo.
Why are tattoos like potato chips to some? You can't have just one.

I wanted my first tattoo back when I was 20 or so. I didn't get one untill I was 29. I am glad I waited for the one i would of got back then would of been of something i don't like now (a disney character).
Do you have a tattoo? Do you regret getting it?

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