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Friday, August 05, 2005

There is no sign that says I can't be here

Did some shopping this evening. Nothing fun just diapers,wipes and such. We were in Target a long time because a monsoon hit. Didn't feel like getting soaking wet while trying to get everything in the truck. The rain let up, we check out, we get on the road and T decides its time to eat. Screaming for the boob!!! Nothing else will comfort him or stop his screams so I pull over in a bank parking lot. Yes, the bank is closed but all the better. I pull in sideways as I was just going to nurse T and be on our way.
A security gaurd comes around the corner after I unbuckle T. I am just about to latch him on when this cranky older woman shines a bright light directly into my eyes. She approaches my window, T is contently nursing by now,I roll my window down. She doesn't ask what i am doing or anything. She says "you can't stay here" I politely tell her "Hes eating and when hes done we will be on our way" She replies with "mam, ( i hate being called this,btw) I didn't ask and i don't care what hes doing you can't sit here,move on NOW" Okay I am bit peeved and looking around hard for a sign that says no trespassing or something. I see nothing. So I tell her this and she has the nerve to say "you don't want me to get the police invovled,do you? " My blood is now boiling because I know theres no reason i can't sit in this bank parking lot across the street from a major mall to nurse my baby. I told her to go ahead and call the police because my two other boys in the back would get a kick out of it. She didn't care for this response and shined the light in the back of the truck and then directly in my eyes and says "hurry it up." and started to walk away. I then shouted "i can't make a breastfeeding baby hurry it up." (not one of my prouder moments but it had to be said)
I believe she was just on some power trip for the night. And to prove my point (because i can be a bitch like that) to her, I changed his diaper before heading out. All the while she is standing about 100 yards away watching us.
I realize its her job to gaurd the bank and what not but she could of asked why I was sitting there with my engine on or why I had a baby in the front seat with me. But she chose to be rude about it.
On a much sweeter note, we used T's chubby seat for the first time. He loved it. I highly recommend them.

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