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Sunday, July 31, 2005

My hands don't look full

actually they don't have anything in them.
If you think my hands are full you should see my heart.
Better to have full hands than empty hands.
Yes, another trip to the mall with the kids. Its crazy the comments i get and how many times my kids get counted with a remark followed. Usually a remark about how busy i must be or sometimes really rude remarks like "have you figured out how that happens yet?' Well dickweed, i haven't. wanna explain it to me? And have you heard of birth control? OH and my favorite is "are they all from the same father?" That one i am going to have fun with if i am ever asked it again. I am going to answer "well, i don't rightly know. I know #1 and #2 might be but #3 is from some guy i had a one night stand with,shhh, don't tell my husband tho he thinks they are all his and #4,heck, i haven't a clue where he came from" Seriosly, what freaking kind of question is that?
Today i got the question " are you done yet?" i so badly wanted to mess with this person but didn't. I answered honestly with a "I hope so but i was done after 2 and 3".
I can't forget the positive comments I heard... "you have a beautiful bunch and they are all so well behaved"(you heard that right, my monster Wy guy was a little angel today,all afternoon. all the way to bedtime,hip hip hooray!!!) Then we went to take daddy dinner and heard a co worker of his say to someone else "they are the perfect little family" awwww!! my heart melted. I like to think we are the perfect little family living the somewhat perfect life with little speedbumps here and there. It just seems the negative comments outwiegh the positive so often. I personally do not think 4 kids is too large of a family,large, yes. But not too large.
And my point is, why does it matter to anyone that I have 4 children? What is it about seeing 4 kids out with just mom that makes them say such stupid things or remark with such rude comments?

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