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Sunday, July 31, 2005

AllI I asked was for him not to wake his brother

*yawn* Theres no coffee strong enough this morning. Wy woke up early this morning whining like usual. He wanted milk but it was out in the garage fridge. I told him he had to drink water and to go back to sleep. Wasn't going to happen, he continued to whine and complain. Dad tried to quiet him but it was too late. T was awake,rolling,smiling and looking around. I then jumped up put Wy back in his room and he screamed from there. So here it is 6:30 (didn't go to bed untill 1am and was up twice with the T) T is awake, G is awake and JJ followed shortly.
I love Wy to pieces but he sure does push all the right buttons to get my blood flowing. Yesterday he whined all the way through the store so i didn't get everything we needed. Last week the doctor had to tell him to stop, i was mortified. I didn't mind the doctor telling him to stop whining, i just felt like a failure of a parent because he wouldn't listen to me.
I used to think badly of parents that couldn't quiet their children in public or who had kids that were just a little overactive in stores. Well, i am sorry for that. I now have one of those kids. Hes a ball of firey energy that doesn't stop. Hes so stubborn fighting to get his way.I never give in, always discipline and he still fights tooth and nail everytime.
But then theres days like the day we went to the dentist. He climbed up in that chair,barely tall enough to swing his leg up and over. Politely asked for dora to be put on the TV above him( i am beginning to think i was born 20 years to early,lol) and accepted the sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun with a "yes,please" During x-rays after gagging and having lots of trouble getting the pitures he says in a very soft voice "i really don't want to do this anymore"
So why can't he be the latter Wy all the time. Why does he fight and whine and scream for the world to hear?
I'm exhausted..........its not hard being a mom of 4, its hard being mommy to Wy.

edit to add......
its now after 8 am and hes still whining for milk or juice but i told him he had to drink the water so I can't give in to shut him up. I am in this for the long haul. *running off to mexico, i am on the beach,feet in the sand, margarita in one hand*

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