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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I don't like anything about it

Today was an end of the season party for G. He recieved his trophy and got to hang with his team one last time. It was at the dreaded Peter Piper Pizza. My head started pounding the second we walked in the door. The noise is just too much for me. The out of control kids drives me crazy. Just because it is a place for children doesn't mean its okay to let your children run wild. Then theres the germ factor, it freaks me out. I am not a huge gemaphobe but come on, that place is gross. We let the kids play,we ate, we got trophys and a team picture.The kids wanted to play just a bit more so off they ran. All the while I stress over where they are. Its time to leave and G's friend can't find his trophy. He set it down somewhere and it wasn't there when he went back to get it. So I take G's and ask if anyone turned one of them in. Nothing :( So one more look around and nothing. His mom left her number in case it gets found or someone does the right thing and turns it in. I felt so bad for him, he was really sad. Why would someone let their child keep something that was obviously someone elses and something special? I always here"whats wrong with children these days?" Its not the children, its the parents not caring enough or being too busy to correct,guide and discipline their children. I saw enough of that today to convince anyone. Granted some children are more challenging and more likely to get in trouble but ignoring it doesn't make it right.

We were there 90 minutes and that was 80 minutes too long. I would never take my kids there if it wasn't for these crazy caoches and sports organizations having pictures and parties there.
And I may complain about it but this picture makes the headache and whatever illness we may pick up worth it :)

That smile says it all. Its his fourth trophy,first basketball one. He was so extremely proud to get it.

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