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Monday, August 08, 2005

Parent guilt

This afternoon its just Wy,T and I. JJ and G went over to a friends. It always makes me sad because Wy also loves G's best friend. Nancy (the mom) is more than willing to take Wy too. The three boys play really well together. But I feel its good for them to be seperated and get a break from eachother. They do love eachother and play great together 99% of the time. Summer is coming to a close and they have been together 24/7 so i made the executive(i like to think of myself as the executive of this family, makes me feel worthy,lol) decision to keep Wy with me.
Then the guilt set in after a few minutes of crocodile tears and a very sad voice saying"i really wanted to go with cam, I like it at cam's house" over and over. He could of easily went to cam's house and played but i said no and i have to stick to that even though I sort of regret it now.
I am trying to keep the balance. I am trying to teach them that just because one gets something doesn't mean they all have to get something. Or like today, just because two get a playdate doesn't mean they all get a playdate. But thats hard to understand when you are three. I am trying..........

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