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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my thoughts from today......

1~A 5 year old girl (or any girl,imo) shouldn't wear a shirt that states the 5 reasons boys suck.
2~If you are driving a truck thats carrying flammable gas maybe you should not speed and weave in and out of traffic.
3~All kids should wear shoes in the mall.And bikinis are not proper mall attire. I don't care if she is three and won't wear anything else. Don't take her anywhere then.
4~If the light is yellow, i will stop no matter how long you honk your horn at me.
5~I can't pass up starbucks the second time around. (and I thought i was doing so good just walking past it in the 1st mall)
6~Jack in the box is gross. The food taste awful. What a waste of $16.
7~I now remember why we stopped eating fast food.
8~ Stride Rite really needs to offer more shoes in extra wide and carry sandals longer.
9~My kids are awesome little shoppers,love them!!!
10~I need to start carrying my camera on me during monsoon season.
11~I love family restrooms.
12~When hubby tells you he wants to be there when your daughter buys her first day of school outfit,hes serious and not giving you a hard time.
13~I love walking with my nieghbor at night, I hope we can keep it up.
14~Learn to merge onto a freeway before attempting to do so.
15~Do not and i repeat DO NOT rely on your children to let you know your zipper is down while shopping.

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